Kaipara Service Centre


Northland Regional Council


Dargaville, NZ



The Kaipara Service Centre is an office complex shared by Northland Regional Council (NRC) and Kaipara District Council (KDC). With a strong focus on sustainable design principles, the two-storey building incorporates an array of solar panels, electric vehicle charging facilities, water-efficient plumbing and LED lighting to meet NRC’s sustainability objectives for the project. Office fit-out included open plan office areas, small and large conference and meeting rooms, private offices and a call centre.

Our Scope

Marshall Day Acoustics was engaged to provide consulting advice during detailed design to achieve the acoustic criteria established. We worked closely with the client and design team to deliver a cost-effective and targeted design.


Construction was completed in early 2022 and took approximately 20 months, 3 months longer than the initial forecast due to Covid-related downtime.


As the services hub is largely open plan and set over two levels, key objectives were required to ensure successful operation of the building:

  • Sound insulation to achieve suitable levels of privacy between open-plan and private spaces
  • Mechanical services environmental noise and vibration control
  • Specification of partitions and absorptive treatment to meet speech privacy requirements