Novotel Auckland Airport Hotel


JV Tainui Group Holdings, Accor Hospitality & Auckland International Airport





Novotel Auckland Airport Hotel is a 263 room 12 level hotel, built just some 50 metres from airport terminal. The top nine levels are hotel suites with reception, bar, dining, meeting and conference rooms on lower levels.

Our Brief

The hotel was designed to meet very stringent noise level guidelines (30 dBA Leq). The client wanted a high-quality, quiet environment for guests, who would likely include flight crews needing to sleep.


With the hotel being so close to the runway, noise was potentially a huge problem. Before work started Marshall Day installed a noise logger on the roof of the airport terminal for a week to determine the exact noise levels that would be incident on the building. Marshall Day's acoustic solution involved a double-glazed façade with an extra-large 600mm air cavity and thick laminated glass panels. The design was able to meet the strict internal criteria without compromising the views and the natural light. The hotel has been designed to provide a high level of sound insulation between rooms (> FSTC 55) and noise levels from air-conditioning inside rooms controlled to PNC 25 - 30.

...And it's quiet. Novotel is a oasis of peace in the 24-hour mayhem of a busy airport

NZ Herald review of Novotel, by Linda Thompson