The Old Treasury Building Hotel


FJM Equities





Over the last eight years, Perth’s heritage listed State buildings, which date from the 1800s, have undergone an extensive and spectacular refurbishment. The project was subject to the utmost attention to detail, finally opening its doors in late 2015.

Our Brief

Marshall Day Acoustics provided full acoustic design services for the project, which includes the following key components:

  • Perth’s first 6 star hotel with 48 rooms of guest accommodation
  • A rooftop glass-box restaurant, dining, lounge, library and bar areas
  • The Postal Hall, housing boutique retail accommodation 
  • A day spa


There have been many acoustic challenges associated with refurbishment of the existing building, particularly due to its significant age, and even more so because the building is Heritage listed meaning that noise control options were often limited. Particularly challenging was incorporating sufficient sound insulation into the existing structure where high levels of acoustic separation were required. 

Significant effort was put into the consideration of various alternative options that would both fulfil the requirements of a high-end luxurious aesthetic and heritage needs. For example MDA carried out acoustic testing of a range of secondary glazing units to determine which systems could attenuate the significant city traffic noise levels while also meeting the architectural aesthetic.