Geelong Ring Road Sections 4B & 4C







The Geelong Ring Road is a 23-kilometre freeway bypass around Geelong, Victoria’s second largest city, extending along the northern and western edge of Geelong between rural farmland and land earmarked for development.

Sections 4B & 4C

The final section, 4B, was completed in February 2013. Section 4C will be built when local development proceeds. Section 4B links the Geelong Ring Road into the Princes Highway at Waurn Ponds and 4C provides a link across to the Surf Coast Highway.

Scope of Services

VicRoads commissioned Marshall Day Acoustics to undertake noise measurements and planning-stage noise modelling to determine likely noise barrier requirements for these two final links. A number of scenarios were considered, including traffic conditions for two horizon years, two road surface types and, in the case of Section 4C, two sets of noise level criteria and two residential development scenarios.

Subsequent Residential Development

Marshall Day Acoustics is the consultant of choice for many residential developers looking to build new estates next to major roads. Clients include Places Victoria, Mirvac, Australand and National Pacific.

Adjacent to the Geelong Ring Road, Marshall Day Acoustics has undertaken noise mitigation designs for several developers, and also for land owners (notably VicRoads and the City of Geelong) wishing to sell land to developers. Drawing on our extensive experience in this area, we have assisted clients to successfully address VicRoads’ requirements despite issues such as traffic forecasts that were revised upwards several times, a complex staging plan that allowed noise barriers to be constructed only at the final stages and, at one site, unusually low existing noise levels. At this last site, Marshall Day was able to demonstrate to VicRoads that the low noise levels were a real effect due to existing site conditions and not an artefact of the modelling, thus releasing the client from the need for noise barriers.